Community Support

Requests to Sponsor Individuals not accepted.
Chestatee Regional cannot sponsor employees or other individuals who may approach the organization for financial support for their individual participation in a fundraising effort or event.

Supports Chestatee Regional Hospital Strategic Plan
If the organization/event is consistent with our mission, then we must ask ourselves the following questions that tie back to the strategic plan:

1. Does the community organization and event/activity seek to address a community health care need?

2. Will the sponsorship request provide us with an opportunity to communicate our capabilities as the community hospital?

3. Will the sponsorship request provide us with an opportunity to promote/market key services?

In order to further consider a sponsorship request, we must answer "YES" to at least one of these questions. Preference will be given to those requests where the answer is "YES" to more than one question.

If this minimum requirement is met, then the following guidelines will be used to help further determine how to allocate limited sponsorship dollars:

Value: The event/activity provides good promotional value for the dollars invested.

Geographic Reach/Size of audience: The event/activity reaches a desirable target audience in our service area such as consumers, physicians, and community and government leaders. The larger the target audience reached, the better value provided.

Exclusivity: If Chestatee Regional Hospital is asked to be a major sponsor, then number of major sponsors must be limited to three, included Chestatee Regional. Ideally, we would also like to be the only health care or hospital sponsor.

On Site Involvement: There is an opportunity for on site involvement at the event including:

Opportunity for Chestatee Regional Hospital leadership to be present and interact with community leaders or other stakeholders.

Opportunity for the appropriate Chestatee Regional service line area or content experts to staff an informational table, provide an interactive activity such as a screening, or provide an educational talk.

Consideration will be given to events where service line staff or other Chestatee Regional staff are committed to participating on site at the event.

Public Relations/Political Sensitivities: Our participation in the event will leave a good impression within the community.

For more information please contact Monica Arrendale at 706-867-4311 or